Thursday, July 20, 2006

Grudge match.

The idiot kissed my girl. I warned him to back off or he was going to get a beating. He went too far And I punched him through a gym . I look down at may self, red fur, check, long black spiky hair , check. I'm at ss4 .

He flies back out at me lands on the ground and slams me with tk thrown debris.I'm driven to the ground. I find I can't move. He hits me with Heat Vision.

" Any last words dork?" he laughs

" Just one Kamehameha!"

Yeah the blast hits him square on the chest I fly into him catch him with a left hook, while' he's reeling Give him a spin kick in the chin. He hits me with a right cross.

I put my ki into my fist ,When I land the punch it explodes. He falls on his knees. He foot sweeps , catches me in mid air then choke slams me. The problem was I held on to his arms I pull him closer and knee him in the gut. Then I elbow on him in the chin.

He was out on his feet. He tried to put up his hands to start swinging again. King Kai waddles over to me " No stop! He's had enough Goten."

" Not yet he hasn't ! I put everything I have into an uppercut. He flew into the horizon I fly up behind so fast it looks like I just appear behind him . I grip my hands together, and club him into the ground.

I laugh " Well, now he's had enough. "

Bra asks "Was that nessacery?"

" I warned him."

" Well that's nice you don't talk to me for days. Then you have a jealous fit What the Hell?"

" Hey I was ashamed that I didn't stop Brolly from killing you."

She smiles " Goten there was no way to stop that. Even if you were there, Brolly still might have killed me hey why don't you show me that room of yours."

After we got to my room.. When we were getting busy. The halo around Bra's head disappeared. " Honey you'd better put your shirt back on."

" Why Goten?"

" We were just wished back to life."


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