Friday, July 21, 2006

Woah ! A post from me on my blog! :-)

Yes it's me Trunks Vegeta Briefs. Why I let Goten and Bra write in my blog I don't know. Then again I'm not sure HOW they posted I guess there are computers in Otherworld.

Whew it's been busy ever since Brolly's attack . The share holders wanted the place rebuilt as soon as possible. Wolgang's energy drink I for the builders didn't help them instead it turned them into smurfs.( Don't ask. ) So we went back to robots and me which made it go much faster , It would have Been even faster If Dad didn't go hunting for Dragon balls.

Oh well The place is fixed now. Oh yeah I've had a house guest Cain. Well wimpy Cain. He ran to my house after the Yamcha incident. ( I wish that weirdo would leave my mom alone.)

Well I thought Cain was pulling some kind of prank or something, nope he's really wimpy. First night he was disgusted about my Magna , and Comics , He couldn't understand all of my tech magazines or the blue prints of machines I had laying around.

He asked " Do you have any romance novels like Bulma?"

I answer " Um no."

Oh and I've been getting into this new thing on weekend nights, cars modified with weapons We would race and blast each other. You have to be superpowered so when the car blows up you'll be somewhat alright. Now the regular Cain would say something like," your finally acting like a warrior , or you shouldn't be using cars"

But what does this Cain say? " How can you do something so barbaric?" Another problem is he doesn't knock. He keeps coming in at the worst moments.

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The other night I bring the newly alive again Karen in so maybe he'll spend some time alone with her and I can spend some time with Marron. Well he was so shy he actually giggled evreytime they kissed.

Man ! And I thought I was shy with Vampi. Well after that Debacle.I thought Cain was going to Hyper ventilate. Well all of the sudden he gets pulled out of the house and actually goes through the wall as in phasing though the wall.

I catch up to him and he;s slammed into the other Cabain. I don't know what happened but he seemed sorrowful all the sudden . Oh my God! I tried to kill your mother." Before I can say anything he grabs Karen an flies off.


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