Thursday, June 22, 2006


Damn Miari! He ducked out of this seducing the ugly hags thing. Well now I'm not doing this alone. Lucky there is always Goten. I fly over to his house. I sense My sister's ki there so I don't barge in like I normally do I knock on the door.

Goten says " Come in!" Well at least they are dressed.

" Hey Goten I need to talk to about seducing some women."

" What?" says Bra punching Goten in the eye. She stormed out flying away cursing.

" You love messing with my relationship with her don't you ? " said Goten.

" Actually no. She didn't let me finish. " I say. I told Goten all about the situation with Cain, the blue rose and this thing that looks like Karen. And the only solution.

" I have to act like I like really old women? Yuck Dude!"

" It's the only way to save Cain!" I say.

" So what? I don't even like Cabain!"

" Bra does. Don you really want to tell her you could have helped her half brother but didn't? "

"Look it might just be better for everyone if we let Reaper buy the big one. You know why Miari Doesn't trust him? Because in his timeline, he killed his version of your mother. Want history to repeat itself here? Tell ya the truth I don't wanna see Bulma die. "

Miari never told me that . So that's why he was so gung -ho on killing Cain. Then again he doesn't seem to want to talk much about his timeline. " Well Goten in his timeline he only had himself, here he has all of us to Watch my half brother. Besides Bra seems to calm him down . There was no Bra in Miari's timeline."

"I just hope you know what your doing bro." said Goten.

" Yeah me too."

We go to the Portal where Cain found the rose. Goten takes a look at the Hags. " Ugh! This better be worth it Trunks!"

Meanwhile the Rose Created Karen gets ready to seduce Cain then rip his heart out.


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