Sunday, January 21, 2007

Must..Kill Mr... Fixit

Marron keeps saying I was mind controlled by Vampi into the little event the other, day. The problem is our bond if that's what it is isn't really all that established yet.

Either way my conscience is bothering me. I have to tell Mirai. When I get to the mansion. Vampi is with him, and I can't separate the two then she starts talking.

" You know? I'm sick of Joe Fixit. What he did the other day was the last straw,' Something about her voice....Hypnotic. " You know no one's seen him during the day. I bet There's a reason he's less powerful why don't you go an kill him?"

I Know... That's not right, I know somehow Fixit is more dangerous during the during the day.. But can't resist... Fixit must die.


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this isnt good


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