Sunday, December 03, 2006

Vlad's an idiot and other things.

Well Vlad sent some wanna be Wonder Woman to try to seduce me. Then Of course Vampi catches me, and the Real Wonder Woman catches her. Then she tells us how she discovered the plan.

While we were having dinner HS kept just staring at Diana. I wonder if she knows who may Father is she didn't mention anything about it. Or maybe her problems with him, will just stay with him, and not involve me.

Justice Hero worshipped, we must have looked like a family of freaks. Ok Speaking of HS yes he's still grounded, and not allowed to see Laura. After what I dug up on her past my Well my suspicions were correct.

Seems a year or so ago there was a mutant prostitute, in the so called " Mutie town." She had claws in her hands and feet ,and would cut herself. After a little more digging I found she was definitely Laura, who went by her mother's last name Kinney.

The problem is If I bring up the fact that my son is dating an ex-hooker. Vampi thinks it's just the way she dresses that's my problem nope this is it. Well that and I've met Wolverine. He's not what a person I want to hang out with.

Also the whole problem with my Father, and Logan. The problem is he won't HS ( As he now wants us to call him because is embarrassed by his name try living with the name "Trunks" sometime Maybe that's why I finally have gotten used to the Name Mirai , when People hear it they don't laugh.) Will think I'm lying.

And his friend Kon will encourage him more. I wish I didn't have to be the bad guy here. Though Laura would probably just dump him anyway if she got Fade.

Nick Fury, somehow under the impression that I invited him, showed up for dinner. After dinner, me and him played pool , and gotten drunk. I woke hours later and little memory of what happened.

And a screeching headache that was made worse by the pink thing called Majin Buu jumping up and down on my bed. I thought Trunks was supposed to be watching Blobbo since the mercenary Apprentice ended. I'm not in the mood for big pink fat yelling creature. Damn I need some help here.


At 9:56 AM, Blogger WonderWoman said...

Your father and I don't get along but that does not make me frown upon you in anyway. I enjoyed my visit to your household it was most enjoyable. I understand your fears for your son...but there are times when they must learn according to there own mistakes, you must be there when the tears come.
Wonder Woman.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger Yamcha said...

Yor all a family of monsters that needs to be exterminated from the planet. I know your somehow involved with Bulma being mind controlled!

it's just very mysterious that after you show up, she breaks up with me!

Then we find out your Vegeta's kid from the future. You insured your own creation!

I'm on to you now buddy. soon I'll expose you and your psycho Father for what you are alien monsters then I'll laugh as your bodieds go up in flames

At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yamcha you are cruising for a brusin


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