Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mirai: Someone is going to get hurt

Fixit destroyed my son's car. He bought both kids new cars, but I still think The Hulk wants something from me. And unlike Father, I don't trust any version of the Hulk, grey, green, red whatever. Especially after his whole take over New York scheme. Fixit wants something from me. I just don't know what.

In other news Vampi is bothering about more kids. Lord the first two are finally about to get out of house. I'd like to spend the next hundred years or so without children.

Ugh. And now Dr. Strange is sticking his magic using nose into this. Jeeze back off. As I was getting ready to go to work I hear a moaning and a giggle from Justice's room.

I sense the power levels in there, Galen! That old freak! I kick down the door, and it looks like I got there just in time, I yank the sorcerer out of the bed slam him against the wall.

“If you try a spell Stormcutter is going strike you down you old pervert! How long have you been planning this? Eh? Did you touch her before? Give me one reason why I shouldn't send you to whatever after life you believe in."

The old weirdo vanishes. “Dad why'd you do that?" Justice yells.

"Don't try to act like I'm the one that did something wrong here young lady! I should have known Vella being around you was a bad idea, Father has gotten soft in his old age and let's those two do whatever the hell they want! You are grounded and no longer going to be allowed around my little sister. She's a bad influence, and I will not let you be like her or Bra! And that's final you are grounded!"

“You can't do that! I'm 18!" She screams.

“You live in my house you live by my rules! We'll discuss this when I get home!"

I'm going to be pissed off the rest of the day at work, I’d better stop off at home and tell Father to control his little hellion twins. Damn what happened to him? He'd punch me for breathing wrong. While Trunks, Bra, Vincent, and Vella all got it progressively easier.



At 3:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mirai you better come home quick! It's Justice

At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are over-reacting a bit.. Don't shut Justice out...

At 12:09 PM, Blogger Justice said...

Fine you dont care if I live or die..


No matter how angry I was at you I would never say that, I guess you never really loved me

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Nepharia said...

Cut the girl some slack...just don't drop the rope completely.


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