Friday, December 30, 2005


My poor Father, Wolverine and Vamperilla have started some kind of rumour that him and Goku are "Hertero life mates." This of course has put dad in a very special mood. When I watched the first episode of the "Mutant Amazing race ." He was threatening to tear apart Wolverine.
Also he is being irritated by Goku's antics a lot easier. Speaking of Goku lucky Bastard teleports himself into the the female X-men's locker room before the race, got to see all kinds of beauty. Man! I wish I could have seen that .
Ther only problem with Father being this angry is he can be pretty dangerous. The last time Wolverine insulted him, he disclocated his arms and legs put the guy in a dress paraded him across New York, then he let the Hulk tear Logan apart.
The disturbing thing in all this is watching him on TV being his angry Saiyan Prince self has really turned on my mom. she keeps saying " Isn't your Father just biggest Stud?" " to which Bra said "Ewwwwwwwww!" and I was saying " That's very inappropriate mother." to which she replied " You kids really need to lighten up ya know. I got a sweet surprise for Vegeta when he comes back
I really wish she didtn't get her youth back. She's acting like teenager, it's really scary.
I hope Father doesn't take Vampirella's or Professor X's teasing to personally. While Wolverine is a jerk, the old guy in the wheelchair isn't that bad ( though he did get Dad to send him one of my Play hero Magazines. not telepathacally either, dad just sent it to him.)
Vamperella is too hot for my father to kill, but he might try. Do I say dad she's just teasing you don't take it so literally. please!Don't Blast Vampierella!


At 5:26 PM, Blogger Vegeta said...

Keep laughing son.

At 12:39 AM, Blogger Trunks said...

eeeep! Ummm sorry father!


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