Sunday, June 24, 2007

Trunks:I think my dad hates me.

First he made me train with in the damn hyperbolic time chamber. Imagine spending a year alone with my dad in another dimension. It's pretty much how' you would think it would turn out. I' awaken at like 5 in the morning (I guess weird ass dimension had no night.) And train constantly.

The only break I had was eating or sleeping. Oh And Dad is not the bet conversationalist. I tried to talk to him and all I get was him grunting at me or or growling. That could have something to do with him being in ss5 form most of he time though.

Well I guess I did benefit I'm stronger than Cabain now and probably am now a better martial artist. That'll just give him something more to complain about. Ok So when I get back I just wanna sleep, and maybe spend some time with the fairer sex but noooo. Dad sends me to fight space pirates with a bunch of saiyans that hate me.

Yeah we caught them But I'll tell you something, I didn't want to put their captain away.

Jeez! And what made it worse was when we meet up with Queen Galacta. After a year being around no women Well I stared at her chest for a second But then I thought dammit I'm being rude. So i try to look at her eyes.

Gah! Ok Look only at the floor the floor is good. Well after that bit of fun,. I went home and Marron refuses to talk to me, and well the saiyan females have ignoring me because guess what dad ordered them to leave me alone hell he called them gold diggers.

Huh. The old man should stay out of it, I'm a grown man, and would punch him, if I didn't know it would end with me ending up in the hospital eating from a tube. Sigh this sucks.


At 2:07 PM, Blogger Vincent Valentine said...

Just because you are a man chronologically does not make you a man mentally, let alone emotionally.


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