Monday, June 07, 2010

Why do my sisters do this to me?

Yes Mirai is Mirai is gone away! That means my blog is mine again the blog I rarely update... um yeah any way being engaged means I don't get to sleep around like I did when I was single. But hey I still get to look at magazines,, I mean Marron gets to stare at whatever dude is on the movies or what ever.

So I was excited about this month's issues of Bikini Heroine, especially since Playhero is is forever ruined for me by the time Bra was the cover girl. I've been hearing everyone say that this issues cover girl for Bikini Heroine is a hot little 18year old number. I can't wait to see. I open the the envelope., and .....

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not another sister! Oh Crap! That bikini... it looks like it's painted on Ugh! I think I'm going to be sick. I should talk to my parents about controlling their daughters, ugh! Well there's another magazine ruined for me.

Monday, April 19, 2010

sometimes you can go home again finale.

Somewhere the techno wizard Galen ponders a reality not his own. He, and his familiar, had returned to this world from theirs to find everything even the pasts of people they loved had completely changed.

“Half of Justice’s family doesn't even know who she is, and the saiyans were never involved with the war of the Corru." He reads through a list of changes chronicled by a detective known to him only as The Question.

Too many of these alterations are things that would never have been affected by Mirai, and Vampirella never dating." The wizard muses. “As if something was granting the deepest desires of the beings most likely to change everything back. So they would not attempt to change it back

Galen retires to his study to perform a spell that would reveal the truth, and before him a creature that has taken many Guises over the centuries appears before him . In his reality it became the Ultimate Shadow, in another, the future version Of Superboy Prime. Bu Galen has come to know it as the Time Trapper.

“So Techno Mage you've discovered my hand in all of this?"

“Why?" Galen asks in anger.

“Really?" You ask that after foiling my plans, revenge. I afflicted Mirai with insanity, and have punished him over, and over even after the reboot. But now I've taken him off the playing board. I saved his reality from destruction, and have now returned him to it. He'll never interfere with me again.

“Your little lover Justice, never had a father, and her brother, and her have a distaste for saiyans after the way Trunks broke up with Vampirella In fact it's so bad That her friend and almost sister in the other Universe Vella Briefs is her bitter enemy, maybe one day one will kill the other on that day I'll reveal their true relationship to Justice just to punish her more.

As for you Techno mage you get to watch your lover be defeated by the Corru, or by Vella, and know that in the original reality she won, but in this one her army is too weak, she is too weak and if you try to change reality back the most powerful heroes here will fight you to preserve what they know as true, and believe me as powerful as you may be they will destroy you. Bruce Cain has no more interest in time travel so he is no longer in my way. Enjoy being powerless to stop me this time Galen HAHHAHAHAAHAHA! No matter what you do I win. "

As the entity vanishes Galen slams his fist into onto a table the mocking laughter of the Time Trapper ringing in his ears.

End of epilogue.

I wake up in a dark stale space ship my dad, is screaming at SS5 level along with Cabain, Trunks and Bra they’re all attached to these machine draining their power. It's hard to fathom this when the last thing I remember was being swarmed by robots, the more I destroyed the more came at me.

Now I'm here staring and what looks a bit like Freeza's head wired into some kind of computer console.

“Ah so he’s awakened. You don't know me, I am called Cooler. But you saiyan, you’re Vegeta’s son aren’t you?"

I spit in his face.

“Where are Cass, and my mother, and her um... sister?" Don't really want to explain the mother from the past timeline thing right now.

“Ah the human females my other selves found you with they were of no consequence so I left them. It's only the saiyans I wanted; it’s because of one of you monkeys I'm in the shape you see before you!"

He goes on explaining in some long drawn out story how Goku blasted him into space. and this bunch of space junk that somehow gained intelligence gathered him into itself , and how h is mind took over the so called " Big Gete Star, and how went from planet to planet for last decades stealing technology, and upgrading the star until he thought he was ready to get his revenge on Goku.

I smirk. “Sorry but Goku died of a heart virus right after I was born, you're a bit too late for revenge."

“The cybernetic sibling of Freeza sputters, then regains his composure. " Well then If I can't kill Goku "I'll just have to content my self with destroying the planet he loved so much, and draining the powers of what's left of his pitiful species."

While he goes on ranting I telepathically ask why the Hell my Father and the others keep using up their energy. “This is how Me, and the Clown defeated him in our timeline boy we overloaded the Big Gete Star!"

I don't think that's going to work this time since, in this reality he had a lot more time to upgrade the Big Gete Star luckily he left Stormcutter. Right where I can see it I command it to unleash a hell of a storm right there in the control room.

A lightning bolt hits a control panel freeing all of us saiyans, and the others do what saiyans do... Attack. Cooler sics an army of robots, including Meta Coolers. My Father, sister, and brothers blast the real deal, and their blasts are deflected by a force field, although the deflected ki does cause more damage to the instruments.

“Trunks, Cabain! I have a plan, keep the robots off me while I concentrate with Storm Cutter!" I command. Trunks is about to say something before Cabain shoves him into the battle.

While I concentrate on the on Storm Cutter Father , attacks Cooler only to get mobbed, by mechanoids, as the battle continues the others destroy quite a few robots but are also overwhelmed.

“Whatever your planning monkey, it's useless. Your family has been crushed, and your trick sword won't help you."

I smirk that's where you’re wrong you see Stromcutter creates all kinds of storms not just thunderstorms, out here, in space, there’s a lot of cosmic energy that I just unleashed into a storm here, in the big Gete star!"

Soon everything began blowing up as I directed the storm the last of Cooler's machines were eliminated and w his barrier went down, my family didn't hesitate to blast the cyborg into oblivion.

The ship itself was still a danger. So I open a portal with the magic sword, and use hurricane force winds to push my family back to Earth. Finally I unleash the storm's full power to completely atomize the Big Gete star I then scatter them across space with solar winds before going into the portal myself.

On the other side I see that Cass, and the two versions of my mother, are alright if a bit bruised. we told the story of how We defeated Cooler, and the Big Gete Star , and that the robots are gone for good.

The Young Mother spit that's great, and all, but the emote to the Phase Dimensional Vortex is broken looks like we’re going to be stuck here until I can build another one." The older Mother grins “With my help it'll be done in no time!"

Father pulls me aside " You know boy, I could have defeated Cooler, at anytime…"

I slap my palm to my head. " " Whatever you say father..." I start.

He interrupts me “Look boy it was important you get the win, you see the heroes here need a leader that's you. If I had done it they would be yanking me out of my own reality every time a crisis came up but since you got the win."

“You think I'm going to stay here?" I ask.

" Hmph. Don't try to kid, a kidder as the Earthlings say. You weren't content at my time. I see the way you, and this world's Cassandra look at each other, a way the one back home would never look at you, besides they need you."

He's right they do need me here, and this is my home, my true home. “Thanks Old Man, but I still don't think you could have done it without me, and speaking of your home... "

I use Stormcutter to open a portal back to his timeline.

“Sweet! We don't have to wait months for Mom to build a portal machine!" Bra shouts hugging me before she jumps in . “I’ll miss you Mirai."

Trunks shakes my hand. “You’d better come to my wedding." He smiles.

“I’m just a portal away me." I smile, Young mother hugs me, almost crying before walking back home Dad just nods his head at me playing "cold Saiyan Warrior" act to till the last.

After he walks through I close it, look at Cass, Mother, and Cabain. "We have a world to rebuild where do we start?"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mirai: Sometimes you can go home again pt2

The last few days I've been fighting alongside Cabain, and Cassandra to free the last of humanity from alien automatons that've taken over in the time I was in the other timeline.

I have to say I'm liking this no Civil Wars. Or registration acts, and multiple shades of grey. Just simple black and white. Save humans from evil robots. Nice and simple like the last couple of years of life never happened.

“Brother stop day dreaming, and help with this battle!" Cabain shouts.

"Cass was just being her normal quiet self, and kicking robot ass well if they had asses, and getting the people out of there. But a blast almost takes her odout we all turn to see this.

' Bah Another machine so what?" Cabain shouts charging toward the the thing that slaps him away.

“Another saiyan but not the one I returned to this planet to kill." This thing declares as it casually slaps away Cabain. Cass dodges another blast. I turn Super saiyan , and try tocut this thing down to size, and get my face ground into the pavement.

“Well trunks I believe we both should go to full power!" Cabin demands we both transform, and Cabain looks at me with Jealousy. "That power level.. I thought we were equal!" he gripes.

"I'll show you how to get at Super saiyan five later now attack the robot." We both Attack and are both slapped away. It bombards us both with blasts. While Cabain charges it again getting into a fist fight with it I charge up my ki.

As Cabain is tossefd away I fire a Final Flash. The robot's head, and torso are blown off. ' Where did you learn that?" Cabain asks.

“Our Father taught it to me." I explain, and this odd look comes on his face. But I didn't have much chance to think about his hurt feelings when the mechanical being put itself back together. After being shattered into dozens of pieces.

I and Cabain blasted it over, and over until finally I used Stormcutter, and summoned lightning down to finally finish it. Cabain snorts" You could have left some of it for your mother to study so we can find out what it is!"

“The way that thing kept reforming it's best to just destroy it." I explain. “He’s right." Cassandra says.

“Bah! Of course you'd agree with him! You've been hot in you pants for him ever since you met him." Cabain growls.

Cass blushes while I just shake my head. " Cabain let's just get the people out of here, before anymore machines show up."

That night I did wonder about the machine... it looked like a manlier Freeza. Why would someone build that? As I'm thinking that, I sense someone sneaking into my room. I grab my sword ready to strike.

" You don't need that I'm unarmed. And... not wearing anything. I turn on the lights , and It's Cass wearing nothing. "

“Cassandra we can't ... You''re with my brother Vincent in the other reality."

She looks confused " Vincent? Who’s that? Your mother said Cabain is your only brother.

That's right, My father died in this timeline before he could conceive, Bra, Vincent, or Vella. And Father had an affair with Cabain's mother supposedly before I was born. There is no Vincent here.

What happened next was probably the best night in my life, Then it kept happening over the next few weeks in between fighting robots, and saving what's left of the human population then this morning the day after Valentine's Day something odd happened We were, at Breakfast I was snuggling with Cass, And Cabain was staring in disgust as his wife Karen wanted him to be more affectionate.

A gravelly voice came from the entrance to our hide out one that made mother drop her coffee shattering on the floor. " Well Mirai looks as if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Cabain gets into battle stance. “Who are you? What do you want?"

“Is that anyway to treat your father Cabain?" He smirks.

" V... Vegeta?" Mom asks her voice a mix of emotions.

How is this possible Father died in this reality there's no Dragonballs to bring him back but that is him?

TBC IN Vegeta's blog.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mirai: Sometimes you can go home again PT 1

I was sitting. In Trunks' house being annoyed by him. “Dude you should let it go, I mean she's with our brother."

I groan “Your Brother, not mine, did you forget I'm from an alternate future? Look I'm just attracted to her, I’m not going to break up Cass, and Vincent, I'm not that kind of man!"

He gives me a look " Hmmm Warrior woman, dark hair kind of different than a normal person hmmmm."

“What hmmm?" I ask.

“I think you have thing for Vampirella." He smirks like his version of father.

“Look it didn't work out between you, and her why would it work between me, and her? Those odd dreams I had about being married to her, and raising her kids turned to nightmares. No way am I pursuing that in real life, besides a woman with two kids no way!"


I grumble at that “What?"

“You may be more angsty, a better fighter and all but under the cool guy act you're still me aren't you?" Trunks Says.

I sigh “Yes I am you, and I shouldn't be here."

He looks confused. “I invited you here."

“No I meant this Universe this time, I've been getting antsy. Like I want to go home... but home isn't there anymore."

Then Marron comes in from another room, and jumps in Trunks' lap talks about their wedding then blabs about getting Vincent, and Cassandra to have a double wedding since Vegeta of this Universe’s mother decided to declare them married. Bah!

I leave and do the one adult thing to do in this situation. I go to Crime Alley bar, and drink myself stupid. While I'm there some green creature gets in my face. I remember him from SHIELD files, The Abomination.

“You. You're a saiyan! Wait I know you, you’re the brother to that little witch that put me in prison!"

I roll my eyes. “I’m an only child my dad died when I was a baby." Well that's not exactly true Father had himself a little fling and had a son named Cabain, but he's dead with my Universe, even though there is a Cabain here too, he's a lot better than the one I knew.

" Naw You’re the brother of that wench that used her ring to defeat me."

I laugh "Vella wasn't a lantern then you were beaten up by a little girl. "

“I fought the Hulk you bastard you respect me!"

I smirk "let me guess who won in that fight, not you?"

He throws a slow punch. That I block then I throw one that knocks him out of the door literally too bad it knocked the door, and half the wall away with it.

He drunkenly staggers to his feet. “Really you can't beat a little adolescent female half saiyan what makes you think you can mess with a full grown male eh freak? Not only that I'm the third strongest saiyan on the planet."

He swings more lumbering haymakers. I cut his head off with Stormcutter but well I'm not my father I just throw a palm thrust to his neck. Ads he grabs his neck I knee him in the mouth he flies into several cars crushing them do they have insurance for ugly Godzilla rejects smashing into them?

Soon I'm surrounded by cops. “Freeze put your hands up!"

A famailar voice says “wait he's a bounty hunter, and my brother, my guess is he's trying to get the big reward on the Abomination!" I turn my gaze to this Universe’s Cabain, and his partner Officer Dragon.

They take the knocked out Abomination And I'm given a check. Cabain looks concerned. “What was this really about Mirai?"

“And why do you smell like a distillery?" Dragon adds.

"Mirai! Mirai! I can't even use my real name! My name is Trunks!"

Cabian growls “not again, he gets like this every once in awhile."

" Yeah but is the fading like a ghost normal?" Dragon queries. Next thing I know there's a bright flashing light, and I'm in what looks like a cave. Cabain glares over me.

"What the how drunk was I?"

“Not sure you want to talk about that little brother since your mother would not like it."

My head is spinning "little" brother?

My thinking about that is interrupted when I hear a squeal “I knew it! All this time they told me to give up on him, that Trunks had died in the past! But I knew he was still alive! A mother knows the things!"

" Mother? No it can't be my reality is dead!"

She gives me, an odd look " Huh? The past time line must have somehow gotten out of phase with this one so it wasn't in the same place relative to this timeline, No wonder you've been lost for three years!"

A beautiful woman of European and Asian decent looks bewildered. “Was any of that English?"

Cabain Shrugs “She always talks like that."

“Let me guess your Girlfriend?" I ask Cabain.

“What! No I'm married sand not to her!! This is one of the freedom fighters here."

She smiles “My name is Cassandra."

My eyes go wide it’s odd I didn't notice the bat on her shirt,
But here's she's older about 26 or 27. “You’re very handsome." She smiles.

“He gets that from my side of the family." Mother smirks.

Cabain growls. “We can't stay in the Batcave much longer the androids will be coming soon."

“Androids I destroyed them!" I protest.

“Not Gero's these are alien." Mother adds.

A group of mechanical beings smashes through the cave walls. Cabain blasts a few While Cassandra smashes a few with her skills. , and mother fires at a bunch of lasers at them.

While I'm confused about everything else using my sword on androids is one thing that comes second nature. I transform to SS4 slice, and dice, several but I can see that they're are going to overwhelm us.

I call on Stormcutter's power. A small hurricane knocks all the droids together, and I destroy them with a giant lightning bolt.

Mother gasps as we I grab her, and Cass and we fly outta there. With Cabain behind us. “Thor’s hammer was turned into a sword?"

“Yeah I have a lot to explain, and seems you guys do as well."

Cass smiles at me “I like the way you move."

“Wait until I'm at least a few feet away before you flirt with my son please." Mother teases. I can't believe this am I really back home? I this some kind of trick? If it's a dream don't wake me. "

To be continued.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mirai Battle royal ends.

My little brother Vincent, his girlfriend, and Superboy were all eliminated.

Bra was busy gloating over eliminating Vincent that she didn't notice Trunks behind her. Trunks gave her a Ki wedgie and while she was cussing up a storm he kicks her out of the ring.

" Ha! It's just you, and me Goku." Trunks grins. And turns SS5.

He was about to charge Goku when I hit him with a Burning Attack. it khe's surprised by it and flies out of the ring. " Heh forgot I was in the ring didn't you "bro" guess I know what it's like to be Cabain now." I turn to Goku " you will get to fight a Trunks but this imitation you'll face the real Trunks."

"You know Mirai that doesn't really sound like you." Goku gasps.

"You know I really don't know what I'm supposed to sound like anymore. Haven't known who I was since I died really, but I've decided I'm not going to pretend I 'm who I used to be anymore." I shrug and fire a blast a Goku We both transform to SS5 Lucky for the crowd the two of us have control over the form unlike all my younger siblings.

We start off slow testing each others reflexes and skill. Finally we start getting serious. Throwing our best attacks. Finally he starts using Instant Transmission to teleport around me appearing behind me and striking.

I command Stormcutter to shock him next time he appears. After that he whines " That's not fair you used a weapon!"

" You used teloprtation!" I growl punching him square in the jaw. He recovers but not before I toss a Finisher Buster to well.. finish him off. He dodges it and fires a Kamehamaha at me I dodge it and the damn thing turns around and slams me in the back. Out of desperation I hit Goku with a another blast of lightning.

After huge explosion I'm Knocked into the ring blacking out Goku falls outside of the ring he can still get up.

" Winner Mirai Briefs!" the announcer ... um announces.

" That's not fair! He used a magic sword! And look at him he's knocked out and I'm okay!"

" You fell out of the ring! Mirai wins and do you have proof he used a magic sword?" The ref Asks.

" No he commands it telepathically it's right over there being held by Bulma!"

Everyone laughed at that. I finally was able to get up again when I hear father's voice. " Well Boy Looks like you get to fight me for the belt eh?

"Get ready to be hurt worse than the Clown hurt you."

Ah Gotta Love being his son...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boudakai round 1 ends. Trunks , and Mirai

Mirai Trunks.

I sit in the locker room area waiting for my name to be announced. I keep my eyes down to avoid the glares from other contestants But I can still hear them. The normal " He's only here because he's half alien or "Vegeta's son" is normal from those who aren't good enough to have actually made it into the tournament. If Cass Cain a human, and Logan a mutant with slight superpowers could have made it in then could have too if they worked harder.

But the more annoying ones are the Ones saying " Broke Vampirella's heart.. abandoned his children..."

A female British accent breaks my meditation. " So Mr Briefs, why haven't you told anyone the truth?"

I look up to see a woman with purplelish hair I think she's an X-man.

" You're a telepath aren't you didn't your teacher tell you to keep put of peoples heads?"

" When people start acting unlike their very natures it makes me curious. You're not the same man mentally that married Vampirella. You're almost a completely different person."

I sigh. " yeah I died, and came back but my memories only went so far. i was thinking I was seventeen for a while there, I had my memories returned by a creepy dude called the Watcher but I had no emotional connection to them. it was like watching some one Else's life. "

" And you tried to pretend to be the father, and husband you were before..." She starts.

" yeah and I screwed that up probably messes up those kids lives. But at some point I just couldn't pretend anymore. So I broke it off how do you tell someone wh thinks they're your wife that you have no feelings for them, and that you would rather fight Cell than be near her annoying kids? Everyone makes excuses for me Father thinks I'm being mind controlled Everyone else thinks Vince's red lantern ring did something to me when it created an evil version of me which oddly seems to have the emotions of my former self but twisted. because of that damned ring I had this freaky fever dream where my old Master Gohan put me on a quest to become myself again, and I fought my evil self... that never happened since I woke up, and found nothing changed. "

" That was lot to absorb there." Psylocke shakes her head. " Maybe you should tell people this instead of moping? Whatever."

I grin at her. " hey would you like to get a drink?"

" Sorry I'm here with someone."

This growling voice comes out from the corner. " Hey Betts let's the the Flamin' hell outta here. Whatta waste O' my time I didn't even get ta fight with Veg Head." Wolverine gives me a look.

" What are ya gawkin' at bub?" he growls.

" Nothing." I shrug.

" Yer damn right nothin." he Looks over to Psylocke. " Let's go darlin'."

I never get why that furry short freak gets the girls. oh well I don't have time to think of that anymore. My name is called. I got lucky It was just the Thing

" Whattya smilin' at ya long haired galoot?" the Thing gruffs while hitting me in the nose it hurt yeah but I've been hit harder.

I speed around him making him dizzy. Then blast him out of the ring.

" What a revoltin' development this is beaten by some lilac hair colored pretty boy." Grimm complains.

I smile and start making my way back to the locker room, there I see that Laura Kinney girl kick Iron Lad in the jewels. " You didn't even look for me when I vanished., and now you hit on some skinny chick? We're finished Stark!"

I laugh. And she growls " of course you'd like this!You always hated me. " Then she sniffs me. " You're not Mirai Trunks you look like him, even smell like him but you're not him you're eyes are different."

Huh My other self hated this girl but I kind of like her. Damn. keep forgetting I'm not 17. She gets a horrified look on her face. she didn't read my mind there. then shakes her head " you're not the same guy who hated me. Look Bub.. just because I'm I must go."

What she must have smelled attraction from me. Bah!b Life was simper before the Watcher gave me those memories back.

Trunks Briefs

AAH! This sucks Why? Why did I get Gohan? Man I try everything and he just dodged it or it bounces of of him. Man I hate his stupid Mystic Saiyan abilities he can look like a ordinary Saiyan or just a super saiyan but he's as powerful as a super saiyan 3 4 or five. , And he's kicking my ass.

I tried going Ss5 All that did was make me a raving lunatic. My dad did say I had to train in this form for some time before I could master it. whatever Gohan put me down quickly no matter what I tried . Well that and I was too rage filled to actually think of any battle strategy. Stupid SS 5 form.

Finally I used up too much ki to keep the form. Gohan grins smugly. " You know no one will think any less of you if you quit now Trunks."

" Ha! Have you just met my father?" I ask. Then that reminds me he's a father that gave me an idea. " Pan! Stop touching Vella that way!" I yell.

He turns about to admonish Pan when I blast him with all I have left. the Finish Buster knocked him out of the ring making me the last winner of round 2.

yeah Mirai had it easy I made it through a hard battle. I bet Even the Old Man is bit proud now. Now to go back to my beautiful fiance.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trunks; Bringing down the house

I don't know how Mirai roped me into this. Me him Grey Hulk All went to rescue Vampirella.

Grey Hulk turned Green, and began fighting this tentacle monster thing, while me, and the Mirai took on Dracula. We've both had problems with Vlad in the past.

"You fool!" he screams.” I was going to let you go to Hell through my mirror portal! Lilith has me trapped in here I can't save my Vamp..."

Mirai grabs him up by the neck. “Finish that sentence, and I'll flay all the skin from your bones!" Mirai gripes.

“Why do you care Saiyan? You abandoned her. Wait it wasn't by your own will was it? HAHAHHAHAHAHAH urk!"

The urk was the sound he made when Mirai kneed him in the groin.

" Maybe we should listen to him?" I suggest.

“After all the crap He's put us through? No way! Let's help the Hulk and go through mirror but first Burning Attack!"

He blasts Dracula then all of the sudden the castle falls down on us. We clear the rubble to see the monster eat the Hulk, and then it comes after us. “I’ve eaten the green ones power! Now I shall feast on yours."

“Get ready Trunks it's coming after us!"

He announces.

"Thank you obvious man." I respond. “You’re the one with the magic sword. So it's easy for you to say..."

The monster starts grabbing its stomach. “What’s happening? No too much power! Auuughhh!"

Then the most disgusting thing happens, The Hulk busts out of this thing's guts. “Puny Monster! Though he could take Hulk's strength, Hulk is too strong for that.

Then he turned into the Grey Hulk. “What happened what's all this stuff on me?"

“Stomach acid." I say.

“Ya know I don't wanna know what happened." He grunts.

Dracula kept complaining about how we destroyed his castle, and then he thought maybe he could leave since the place was rubble apparently not. He was trapped in the area where the castle used to be.

He kept cursing us while we found the mirror, and jumped through. Before I went in it started to rain, I pointed and laughed at Drac. Then when I saw where we were it wasn't so funny anymore. How does dad stand coming to Hell when he dies?