Friday, August 25, 2006

The trip home

Vampi , and Hudson were surprised that I had made it out alive . I guess the blast looked pretty impressive . Oh well I Hudson had his arm around her, and said " You still have the H-man. I interrupt this with. " She has a lot more than that, now kindly remove your arm before I break it!"

we took the bug corpses with us to some planet where we cured the things. On the way there, Hudson was up to his old antics, Add to that Vampi refuses to drink blood , and you can see why this trip has been Pretty stressful.

I find the Private, checking out my girlfriend though the door to the bathroom. I grab him by the ear. " Alright Mr Peeping Tom Choose How I hurt you!"

He stammers out some excuse, on how he was just" looking out for her, and how she needed blood. "

Vampirella was left from dressed, left the Bathroom with an exsaperated expression saying" you boys work it out. " Ok I have to figure out what do do with this dork on the way home . I keep doing this, ok I can but I don't want to.

He started arguing with me about vampi and the engagement ring I had. That little sneak must have been looking through my things. He accused me of having it for a another woman.

" Wrong Genius! I'm going to give to Vampi as soon as this spider thing is over . "

" What ? " Screeches Hudson. " Oh Game Over man!" We finally reach the planet, not a moment to soon. There the Aliens heads and tails are cured . We gave one to Hudson , and Vampi asked if he wanted to fight the spider along with us. He hasn't answered yet.

For my own sanity though, I locked Hudson In the holo Training room I built in the ship, Then I turned it on to the Rabid Monkey boy setting . I hope William enjoyed Fighting Monkey boys. We return to Earth, Where Mother gives Vamp blood. That's where we hear news Pantha's missing . Great, More trouble. Wait did I let Hudson out of the simulator?


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Ahhh! Crazy monkeyboys everywhere! Get 'em off! Get 'em off!

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