Saturday, April 28, 2007


Me and Trunks were supposed to watch Vincent, and Vella. Someone left the doors open to Capsule Corp, and these animals were running around.

" They must like your smell ." I laugh at Trunks then I thought about it, if they like his then they'll like mine. And of course a few minutes later. I'm Glomped by weird animals.

After pulling some critters off of me I catch Vincent trying to sneak out. I grab him by his collar. " Uh uh. Your not going anywhere. "

" Vella got to go out!" He whines.

" Vella isn't grounded ." I answer.

" Come on I just want to give Cass her prize money , and belt. "

I shrug. " Sorry Dad said specifically you can't see your girlfriend, or leave the house. "

" Since when re you his whipping boy?" he yells.

" Since you decided killing superheroes in tournaments was a good idea? Look I know you went through a lot since then after that , and you have a new outlook on killing but still Dad's right you need to be punished. Just feel lucky that Kon dodged that attack."

" Yeah That was a stupid thing to do." he murmurs. " Now I wouldn't try it to a good but dumb man .Like him, but scum like that Al ghul kid, yeah I think so."

" It's not that black and white... Look you'll have plenty of time to worry about this when your older, I didn't get a childhood , You should just sit back and enjoy yours. I mean you've literally grown up too fast. No need to rush into being an adult huh?"

" Look Just let me see Cass for a few minutes I won't tell Dad."

" Sorry kiddo."I shake my head " You'll see her soon enough don't worry. That's another thing don't be all crazy in love like she's the last girl on Earth Ok? "

I'm afraid if he gets too emotionally involved that the break up will crush him. She's what his second girlfriend? Then again though it's rare, sometimes people do marry their high school sweethearts,and some divorce them too.

Finally he comes out with " What if Dad wanted to to keep you from Vampi?" he

I laugh " One major difference. Your a teenager I'm a grown man. Father can't tell me what to do anymore." Not that he really could ,since you know the whole being dead while I was growing up thing.

he mutters something under his breathe as he goes back into the house and one of the things was "father's favorite." Um I doubt our father has a favorite.( Though Bra is a likely candidate.) I know it would not be me. I argued with the old man the most of anyone of us. Since my first time travel trip years ago.

I started to help Trunks catch what animals we could when the i harsh sound hurts my ears. Clasping my ears I follow he source to a black figure with bats flying away from him Batman. and some kind of thing on his belt.

" You weren't at Vampirella's mansion. Trouble at home?" I didn't like the tiny bit of hope that was in his voice.

" No! I'm just baby sitting stalker boy!" Next thing he knows I have his belt in my hand, you would think he'd be uses to people having super speed by now. I break the sonar device. Then I back hand him away.

" Ok without these gadgets you really don't have a shot against me. Now I'm going to tell you for the last time stay away from my Wife!"

" This isn't about that." The Bat coughs out some blood. " Word on the street is your Heroslayer."

Not this again. I'm sick of people accusing me of that! I was ready to punch a hole in his head instead I crush his belt. " Just because he said he was me to take my little sister off her game doesn't mean It's true!"

" are you willing to take truth serum? or a lie detector to prove that? or better yet let Diana wrap her lasso around you?"

" Bring them On!" I answer "I have nothing to hide I am not Heroslayer!"

His eyes squint. "Hnh." Just then this flash bang grenade takes out my eyes,and hurts my ears even more . When see who it is I sigh Nightwing!

And he gave Bats Another belt. but there's something I don't know .. off. His smell , and Ki are different. " Jason! " Batman shouts. " He willingly surrendered There was no need for you to intervene! Why are you wearing Nightwing's costume?"

" You always were too soft Batman!" 'Jason' rants. He's about to attack when I stun him with a small Ki blast.

I look over to Batman. " Who's he?"

" Not important right now. Though I do appreciate you not killing him. " He takes out this small device from his glove. " Watchtower, Two to teleport."

Huh. Looks like I'll get to see the famous Watchtower.Pretty cool.


At 11:52 AM, Blogger Raven said...

I hope to meet you all at the watchtower. In particular your brother.

At 2:15 AM, Blogger Nightwing said...

Stupid Ebay, selling those damn imitation Nightwing costumes. Damn being death even more. Why don't people stay dead? Ugh. Just how old is Vincent anyway?

At 4:17 AM, Blogger Mirai Trunks said...

Night wing: Hey ! iwas dead once too, and came back to life !

Chronalgically ? 16.

Actually? 7 months

At 5:43 AM, Blogger Vince Briefs said...

Why the sudden curiosity onn my age?

At 9:24 PM, Blogger Trunks said...

Because little bro, Cass is going to stautatory rape you. Little cradle robber heh.


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