Sunday, April 08, 2007

What a weird last few days.

I don 't know why but at the office, PSI-Corps members kept asking me weird things like " What do you think of the Question?" to which I answer "Who?"

They show me this picture of a guy with no face. " Ok he looks weird but what am I supposed to be feel? Oh and I can feel you guys going through my head. What is it you want?"

" Are you Heroslayer?"

" No."

They look at each other. "He truly believes he's not him. "

" Yes and he does not have a split personality or any other psychological disorder. We must tell Col. Fury."

Ok. glad that's settled. I'm not going to go "Dark Mirai " on everyone. Speaking Of Heroslayer that nut job's little crusade has gotten super villains going after him, and worse he's a SHIELD agent. Or he has access to our tech.

Fury wants him off the street, and in prison before a civilian gets hurt. Which could happen with meta human psychos going after him. Well after a couple of days of nothing, I take my day off to participate in this Bodakai, and my Father forces me to team with Trunks.

I think he 's trying to get us to stop fighting, and you know I've tried that too. Several times now. I may just have to write him off, though it kinda hurts I just have to accept the two of us will never get along.

You know we actually worked well together until we fought Cabain, and Dragon, Then He got stupid. I accidentally bumped into him And Trunks goes ape S###t.

He punches me out of the ring, so it was pretty easy. For Dragon and Cabin to take him down. Dragon didn't make it into the singles tournament because Vincent beat him up pretty bad. Just as Goten , had roughed up Ken and Ryu so bad neither one of them could get in.

So Now I'm in the far more comfortable singles tournament. And watching as Vincent lost to Kon-El. Mother goes all crazy, and so does Trunks, and Cabain, Who is swearing vengeance.

Me and Father standstill in our places not really worrying about we can feel his ki he's fine, despite pile driven at the speed of sound. We saiyans are pretty tough. He'll have a headache and some bruises but will be stronger when he heals. I know for a fact that Goku has some Senzu Beans.

So guys back off the hybrid kryptonian It's not like Vince would have been any nicer to him in the way he would win. So I have to fight Tien huh? Oh yeah I'm ready.


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Nightwing said...

Why do they always send telepaths to do a "mind-check". It takes common sense to know what they're doing, a telepath is here asking me strange questions? I wonder why....
Im surprised you didn't ki blast them.

At 11:35 PM, Anonymous Abbra said...

Good words.


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